IT outsourcing in Vietnam

Top 5 Reasons Why Companies Choose IT Outsourcing In Vietnam

Businesses often wonder whether IT outsourcing is a good idea for scaling tech. After all, the low supply of software engineers not only makes finding talent a challenge, but they often come with a hefty price tag, especially in Singapore. Experts believe that IT outsourcing has become a preferred scaling strategy to cut down software..

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tech team scale up admist the pandemic

Reinventing Tech Team Scale Up Amidst The Pandemic

Hello Viewer, Here are some fun facts when it comes to hiring tech talent:  Fun Fact #1: It would take you around 60 days to hire an experienced developer in Singapore.  Fun Fact #2: Only 16% of developers in the workforce are actively looking for a new job.   So it’s not surprising that companies seek..

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mobile developer salary Vietnam vs Indonesia

Mobile Developer Salary In 2021 – Vietnam vs Indonesia

Hello Viewer, When we talk about scaling a distributed tech team across ASEAN, Vietnam and Indonesia usually come first to mind, namely due to cost and quality. To assess the first, we compare the salaries of mobile app developers in both countries based on the level of experience.   Businesses in Singapore can save up..

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Developer Salary between Vietnam and Indonesia

Developer Salary In 2021 – Vietnam Vs Indonesia

If Q1 of 2021 has proven anything, it’s that the future of work is heavily remote and likely to persist in the wake of the pandemic. With a global focus on digitalisation, tech-related resources are heavily in demand, and we will see the rise of a highly educated, tech-savvy, and well-paid minority in the global..

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developer hiring cost vietnam singapore

Developer Hiring Cost: Vietnam Vs Singapore

Hello Viewer, Whether you’re an aspiring unicorn or an established business, growth and innovation is now synonymous with scaling up your tech capabilities. There’s no doubt that the IT landscape has become incredibly saturated with tech start-ups mushrooming like never before. Competition is at an all-time high, operational costs are always climbing, and talent is..

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