Is outsourcing or offshoring better for startups?

Outsourcing and Offshoring: Which One Is Better for Tech Startups?

With the recent shift of the business landscape due to COVID-19, tech startups and SMEs will have to keep a close watch on the company’s outgoing expenses and maintain a healthy cash flow for survival. Unfortunately, IT labor costs are escalating due to the high global tech demand, which is also causing maintenance expenses in..

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How Can Asian Startups Survive And Thrive Beyond COVID-19

How Can Asian Startups and SMEs Grow Strong Amidst The Outbreak

Covid-19 has significantly disrupted the global economy, and digitalization is being accelerated to cope with the new isolation-focused economy. Getting caught in the midst of the outbreak, Startups and SMEs have no choice but to adapt and re-invent themselves.  In the recently organized webinar by Action Community for Entrepreneurship (ACE) on 19th May 2020, “The..

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What does onshore, outsource and offshore mean?

From Outsourcing To Offshoring: What Is The Difference?

Organizations have found the relevance of offshoring to meet the needs of the market and expansion. That being said, many businesses are still wondering if it is worth the effort, given the required significant investment.  This blog will explain the meanings of insource/outsource, onshore/offshore, and explore the advantages/disadvantages of a different team scaling strategies to..

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4 Trends for tech startups to thrive in the uncertain future

4 Tips For Tech Startups In Asian To Emerge Stronger Than Ever

2020 was supposed to be an exciting year for Southeast Asia’s thriving startup ecosystem. With strong economic growth, rising affluence, and the increasing availability of growth capital, startups were entering into the region’s golden age.  But all that changed when COVID-19 came into this world. And before you know it, face masks and toilet paper..

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3 Great Tips That Offshore Startup Founders Should Know

Best 3 Hacks For Offshore Startup Founders To Adapt To The New Normal

The COVID-19 pandemic has affected the way startups operate and conduct their businesses. Frank Lee, Managing Director at Tech JDI, was invited to join ACE’s Seminar Series, titled The New Normal – How Can Asian Startups Survive And Thrive Beyond COVID-19, to share his 3 personal hacks for offshore startup founders to adapt to the..

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