Starting any business is hard. Launching a tech startup is even harder. Especially if you’re a first-time and/or a solo founder with lean resources to fuel your disruptive innovation.

Instead of walking this arduous journey alone, Venture Builders can help to speed through the learning curve and reduce the risk of failure. This not-so-new model of entrepreneurship and innovation is now on the rise again in Singapore and Southeast Asia.

What Is A Venture Builder? 

Also called startup studios, Venture Builders refer to organizations that systematically build, develop, launch, and scale startups until they become independent. In short, they:

    1. Generate ideas, explore prototype concepts, and work on “in-house” projects to identify new business opportunities
    2. Build/recruit founding teams for the startups they develop
    3. Facilitate access to seed/early-stage capital
    4. Provides shared services for key resources required for operations

In contrast to accelerators and incubators, Venture Builders develop ideas and build businesses “in-house” through shared capital, knowledge, and/or resources. Meaning that the barriers for entrepreneurs are substantially lowered. 

Additionally, a Venture Builder also facilitates fundraising while providing the initial capital.

The Key Differentiator

venture builder Tech JDI

Venture Builders are an excellent pathway for talented individuals who want to pursue entrepreneurship and be part of a startup’s founding team. It can also be seen as an advanced mentorship programme that shapes you into the ideal CXO/founder whilst lowering your opportunity cost of entrepreneurship with a monthly salary. 

Most Venture Builders prefer senior candidates with an excellent CV and extensive work experiences but might still be fresh when it comes to running startups. 

In lowering operational risks and costs whilst allowing you to focus on the business and product in the initial stages, here are some of the shared services and key resources that Venture Builders they would typically provide for the startup:

    1. Operational Resources: You will have access to all the talents, including software engineers, and developers – ready to execute your plan. 
    2. Corporate Administration: A specialized operations team will help you handle the daily grind required for accounting, finance, and legal. 
    3. Office: A conducive space for the team to work together and get shit done


Which Venture Builder Should I Go For?

When it comes to Venture Building, most would focus on a single industry to source for ideas, hire teams, and provide support systems along a defined theme. By creating multiple businesses within a particular industry with a similar leadership profile, the Venture Builder is able to develop channels of recruitment that allow more consistent access to higher quality candidates than would be possible with one-off recruitment. 

In the latest wave of entrepreneurship in Singapore, it is the local universities that are stepping up to launch their own Venture Building programmes. Besides looking for individuals with extensive industry experience, some programmes are also encouraging recent graduates and young adults who are still willing to take the leap into this alternative career path.

SMU Venture Building Programme

SMU Venture Building Programme Tech JDI

ESG-SMU Venture building programme is a three-month training course to build and scale innovative tech startups. Aiming to provide aspiring local entrepreneurs with a strong foundation in entrepreneurship, it covers frameworks of ideation, team formation, lean startup methodology, product/market fit and fundraising.

They are looking for aspiring entrepreneurs who:

  • May have an innovative idea but need help to develop, launch and scale their business plans.
  • Need training and coaching to get started.
  • Applicant must be a Singapore Citizen or Permanent Resident
  • Applicant must be able to commit 100% attendance to the programme for 3 months

NUS Venture Building Programme

NUS Venture Building Programme Tech JDI

Aiming to encourage entrepreneurs on their startup path, The NUS Startup SG Founder Programme is a 3-month full-time experiential course that helps understand the process, challenges, risks of starting a business and how to improve chances of starting-up successfully.

They are looking for promising candidates who:

  • Like to tap on their deep domain knowledge to start a business that could address their industry’s challenges and opportunities.
  • Must be a Singapore Citizen or Singapore Permanent Resident.
  • Must not be holding onto any active business entity
  • Must not have received any funding from any other government organisation
  • Should not be under any form of employment
  • Able to commit full-time to the programme for 3 months

SUTD Venture Building Programme

SUTD Venture Building Programme Tech JDI

SUTD Venture Building programme provides aspiring local entrepreneurs with a strong foundation in developing innovative products or solutions that are relevant to market needs. The 3-month course will help individuals improve their chance of building up a successful startup.

They are looking for aspiring local entrepreneurs who:

  • Must not have received any funding for the proposed business idea from another government organisation.
  • Must not have work for more than 6 months as a startup founder at the point of application to the AMP.
  • Must be a Singapore Citizen or Permanent Resident
  • Must be able to commit to 100% attendance rate to be eligible for this track

SUSS Venture Builder Programme

SUSS Venture Builder Programme Tech JDI

The SUSS Venture Builder is an entrepreneurship programme designed to help graduates launch new ventures with success through a rigorous 3- or 9-months hands-on training. Participants will be able to tap on SUSS’s industry experts, get guidance from an experienced co-founder and undergo training in critical skills such as digital marketing and business modelling.

They are looking for candidates who:

  • PMEs/Graduates and final year graduate students who are Singaporean Citizens or Permanent Residents
  • Must not hold any current full-time employment
  • Entrepreneurial, self-starters and independent

NTU Venture Builder Programme

NTU Venture Builder Programme Tech JDI

A 12-month Venture Building programme funded by the SGUnited Traineeships Programme. They are looking for 18 recent graduates as trainees to undergo an experiential entrepreneurship education course. The participants will work and learn from seasoned serial entrepreneurs to build disruptive, tech-enabled, and regionally-focused companies.



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