About our Client

A Singapore-based start-up uses Big Data and AI to scan online labor market information to decode the relationships between jobs and skills and understand the latest developments in the world of work. With this information, they provides both local and global businesses and enterprises with a workforce transformation platform.

Using the digital platform, business leaders can identify future-ready skills and create dynamic competency frameworks to guide their employees’ personal development. They can also get a real-time pulse on the skills inventory of the organisation’s talent pool and empower their employees with AI recommendations to personalized their learning and receive career recommendations.

Our client has played a role on the national stage as the intelligence behind Singapore’s national jobs portal. Internationally, they has worked with UNESCO, World Bank and the Asian Development Bank to conduct labour market research projects using its technologies, with the results aiding the policy-making processes in various countries for higher education, vocational education and lifelong learning.

Role & Responsibilities

For this position, the core duties and responsibilities will be

  • Setup, develop and integrate CI/CD tools, micro-services, AWS Cloud platform and application security
  • Appreciate the principles of secure coding, continuous integration and deployment of software and automated monitoring and implement them
  • Care about high uptime, high security, easy maintenance, flexible and fast deployments and developer experience
  • Participate in the implementation of DevSecOps practices

Are you the right talent with?

  • Experienced in virtualisation, cloud & converged infrastructure technologies
  • Experienced in UNIX/Linux systems and tooling
  • Experienced in Agile in a DevOps environment
  • Experienced in cloud environments (AWS, GCP, etc.) and containerization (Docker, Kubernetes etc.)
  • Experienced in DevOps tools like Jenkins, Terraform, Git, Kibana, Grafana, ELK etc.
  • Experienced in using cloud system monitoring tools (e.g. Zabbix, Prometheus, Nagios etc.), and automated testing frameworks
  • Experienced with installation, configuration and management of log collection and aggregation tools, creating dashboards and configuring alerts with tools like PagerDuty, Jira, Hipchat, Slack
  • Have knowledge of selected programming languages (e.g. PHP, NodeJS, Python, Go etc.)

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