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In difficult times arising from COVID-19, we understand what you’ve been going through over the past 2-3 months. At Tech JDI, we want to stay true to our mission to continue supporting startups, and here are 2 tips to help your business tide through the global pandemic and emerge stronger than ever.

Offshoring. A proven and effective way to reduce headcount costs by more than 50%, and still provide the necessary human capital for growth. Get in touch with a trusted partner to identify and implement your company’s offshore strategy.

Access to Government Grants. Unprecedented times call for unprecedented measures.  The Singapore Government is providing support to startups & businesses through 4 budget announcements alone in 2020, namely the Unity Budget, Resilience Budget, Solidarity Budget, and Fortitude Budget. Find out how you can adapt, transform, and pivot your business.

We promise you – in times of uncertainty, there are always opportunities for your business to grow.

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Alyssa Tran


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