Dear Viewer,

It’s the end of Q3, congratulations for making it this far!

But you’ve only 90 days left to achieve your goals for the year 2020. Time waits for no one, and investors certainly don’t fund startups just because they have the “best idea” ever – it is the execution that counts.
You need to capture the attention of people. Build your mindshare and get them to trust you. Trust is a weird commodity – hard to get, but easy to lose.
Most successful startups start with an intimate but small customer pool — this small pool of believers spreads the story to the world through fervent word-of-mouth, and soon the snowflakes trigger an avalanche so massive, it buries all other competitors.
We also believe in the power of startups to make a positive global impact and want to help you to avalanche through funds, grants, and talents.
So let’s make a ruckus!
Fundraising is a pain-in-the-ass, but necessary. It is long, arduous, complex, and ego deflating. You can negotiate for months and still get nothing, especially in this time of uncertainty.

So you will need help. And help is what we are here for!


Amongst other investors, Tech JDI is an appointed Venture Scout for Saison Capital and Yunqi Partners, helping them to source for tech startups from Seed to Series A/B. Meaning, we can hook you up for investment considerations:

    • S$200,000 to S$2,000,000 (Saison Capital – For companies with an embedded finance angle)
    • S$5,000,000 onwards (Yunqi Partners – Deep tech/IoT/B2B tech companies)
If you are interested and have a matching fundraising profile, do drop us a note!

Tech JDI has supported many clients claiming Singapore Government grants of between S$100,000 to S$300,000 support from:

    • Enterprise Development Grant (Innovation & Productivity)
    • Market Readiness Assessment (MRA) Grant
    • Productivity Solutions Grant


But let’s not forget the other good stuff which you can claim, including:

    • 80% off Microsoft Surface Pro 3 + MS365 package (Max 3 pieces)
    • Send new staff for Professional Conversion Program, and get 70% of course fees + 70~90% of salary (for 6 months) paid!
If you need any further help or information on how/why we applied for these, we will be happy to share!
Building your tech team in Vietnam is a great strategy to scale up your tech capabilities whilst balancing growth, quality, and keeping your overhead costs down.
We can help you to save up to S$120,000 ~ S$1,200,000/year for a tech team expansion in Vietnam. Don’t just listen to us – here is what our clients say.


Want to learn more? Contact us now for a free consultation!


*Google Meets/Zoom Calls is preferable so we can stay safe during the COVID pandemic!



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