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Congratulations on surviving 2020, and welcome to 2021!

While most of us have gotten used to working from home by now, growth and expansion still prove to be a challenge with lock-downs still in place and borders remaining closed.

But hey, that didn’t stop Southeast Asian startups from raising US$8.6B last year. And that didn’t stop Tesla from driving up onto Singapore’s shores just last week to announce plans for 11 new hires and a location for its first supercharger.

On the back of COVID-19 vaccines and Biden’s US Presidency, stock markets are rising to record highs, and businesses are looking to get their plans back on a positive trajectory this year.

Tech JDI wants to help you to do the same, by directing your attention to Vietnam – dubbed as the next Asian miracle, the only ASEAN economy with positive GDP in 2020, and also our answer to balance growth, cost, and quality at the same time.

We’re not just jumping on the bandwagon now because of their recent accolades. We’ve been steadfast in our belief since 2016, providing access to Vietnam’s tech talent pool, as well as a playbook of market expansion opportunities there.

From the likes of Shopback and V-key, just to name a few, and more recently for rising stars like MicroSec and Geniebook. Who else is in for an exciting journey with us in this brand new decade, and beyond?



Regardless of whether you’re struggling to attract/recruit/retain tech talent locally, or searching for a cost-effective solution to scale-up your tech capabilities in the long-run, we are here to help. 

By building up an offshore tech team in Vietnam, you can experience saving anywhere between S$120,000 ~ S$1,200,000/year, and reap the benefits of a distributed team strategy, while at it.

We have a recruitment team specializing in tech talent acquisition, dedicated HR managers, and 3 fully furnished offices in Vietnam to support your cause.

Interested to learn how this works? Then just contact us and we can go into detail about how the process works.


Accelerate through the learning curve of venturing into Vietnam! No more stress about tax laws, labor code, local policies, and cultural differences.

Tech JDI operates  a tested and proven playbook, providing venture support services across a 4-phased approach:

    • Market Development
    • Business Development
    • Corporate Administration
    • Digital Marketing

The rationale behind this is to first understand the market environment, develop a pipeline of users/customers/revenue opportunities, before setting up shop and launching the business properly.

For Singapore-registered businesses with more than 30% local shareholdings, Tech JDI can facilitate the application of Enterprise Singapore’s Market Readiness Assessment (MRA) grant, with a support level of up to 70% eligible costs capped at S$100,000.

It’s easier, cheaper, and faster to kick start your market expansion with us!

Tech JDI is an appointed Venture Scout for Saison Capital and Yunqi Partners, helping them to source for deal flow from Pre-Seed to Series B.

Meaning, we can hook you up with a great funding deal that worth:

    1. Saison Capital | S$200,000 to S$2,000,000 | – Looking for companies with an embedded finance angle
    2. Yunqi Partners | Up to S$5,000,000 | – Deep tech/IoT/B2B tech companies.

If you are interested and have a similar fundraising profile, do contact us here!




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