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Did you know that we’re entering the peak of the hiring season in Vietnam? Over the span of 3 months, from March to May, the market will see a flurry of software developers and engineers looking for new opportunities to grow their career. If you’re still sitting on the fence or already in the midst of scaling up, you can now access and hire high-calibre tech talents in Vietnam faster and easier for building up your offshore it team.  

In contrast, the hiring rush will cool down at the start of May, and then start to go cold from October onwards as everyone who’s employed will be patiently waiting for the 13th-month and Tet bonuses. It’s gonna cost you more to win them over during this period. 

Overall, the demand for Vietnamese developers will only go higher, as companies from neighbouring countries such as Singapore try to plug their labour gap by hiring overseas. This also affects the current talent landscape in Vietnam, as developers prefer to work in an international environment for a better career progression.

According to a local report, more than 60% of IT personnel are ready to change their workplace whenever suitable. Coupled with the fact that vietnamese developer salary is one of the most affordable in the region, businesses can easily gain a big boost in IT capabilities without busting their budget.


PositionLevel (Experience)Salary (Monthly)
Mobile DeveloperMid-Senior (2-4 years)$1,000$1,500
Senior (5+ years)$1,500$2,500
Web DeveloperMid-Senior$800$1,500
UI/ UX DesignerMid-Senior$800$1,300


If you are interested in scaling up your tech operation by setting up an offshore IT team and hire high quality developers in Vietnam, now is the time!

Hire Offshore It Team In Vietnam