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The year of the Ox has finally arrived!

Did you know the animal is a rugged symbol of strength and endurance? They are strong, calm and steady, characteristics that every startup should have to survive the gruesome war for tech talent, as giants like Tencent, Bytedance, and Zoom expanding to Singapore.

Meanwhile, Southeast Asia remains the hot spot for business expansion, with Vietnam topping the list. Amongst startups and investors who’re interested in the market, there are 3 reasons why:

    1. Strong economic fundamentals and resilience against the COVID-19 pandemic
    2. Access to a pool of high quality (tech) talent
    3. A thriving tech ecosystem, supported by the National Digital Transformation Plan.

With the pandemic still ongoing and borders still closed, how do you gain access to talent pools, market opportunities and venture capital beyond your domestic market?

At Tech JDI, we want to support entrepreneurs, startups and corporate ventures to scale harder, better, faster, stronger. Just like we’ve done for all these companies over the past 5 years.

Instead, let’s give you what you opened this email to read.

Happy Lunar New Year!



tech team expansion with Tech JDI

Startup isn’t an elementary school, and tech team expansion is no time to be taking risks. You would not want to hire the wrong person or burn all the budget just for a single person.

An impossible task in Singapore but not in Vietnam! 

By hiring an offshore tech team in Vietnam, you can experience saving anywhere between S$120,000 ~ S$1,200,000/year, while being able to reap the benefits of a topnotch tech team strategy.

Interested? Then just contact us and we can go into detail about how the process works.

market and tech team expansion with Tech JDI

2021 comes to Vietnam with a new set of tax laws, labor code and local policies. For startups that plan to venture in, the stress to overcome legal barriers and culture differences is real!

Tech JDI offers a tested and proven playbook, providing venture support services across a 4-phased approach: Market Development, Business Development, Corporate Administration, and Digital Marketing.

Moreover, For Singapore-registered businesses with more than 30% local shareholdings, Tech JDI can facilitate the application of Enterprise Singapore’s Market Readiness Assessment (MRA) grant, with a support level of up to 80% eligible costs capped at S$100,000. 

Less than 60 days into the new year, we’ve succeeded in helping Niometrics, a deep network analytics company providing solutions for telcos and CSPs, get their MRA grant application approved,y with the full 80% support level. 

And now we also want to help you achieve the same result! Because it’s easier, cheaper and faster to kick start your market expansion with us!


Rise fund to expand your tech team

Tech JDI is an appointed Venture Scout for Saison Capital and Yunqi Partners, helping them to source for deal flow from Pre-Seed to Series B.

Meaning, we can hook you up with a great funding deal that worth:

    1. Saison Capital | S$200,000 to S$2,000,000 | – Looking for companies with an embedded finance angle
    2. Yunqi Partners | Up to S$5,000,000 | – Deep tech/IoT/B2B tech companies.

If you are interested and have a similar fundraising profile, do contact us here!