Recruitment Timeline and Process for Hiring Offshore Software Developers In Vietnam

Recruitment Timeline and Process for Hiring Offshore Software Developers In Vietnam

Hiring talented developers is hard. Recruiting them in Singapore is even harder due to the harsh competition. As a result, many businesses choose to offshore their tech operations to Vietnam –  thanks to its large tech talents pool and young, dynamic workforce.


But how can we find those with adequate skills? At Tech JDI, we help our clients build up their dream offshore tech team from ground zero. The recruitment process often takes around 2-5 weeks to complete, divided into 4 steps:


Step 1. Receive The Required Information And Source For CV

Timeline: Less than 1 WEEK

The very first step of the recruitment process where clients inform us about their hiring needs and requirements, including: 

    • Job Description
    • Questionnaire File
    • Benefit Information
    • Budget for Each Position

Based on the given requirements, Tech JDI will proceed to source suitable candidates. The pre-eliminate process consists of phone call screening or face-to-face meetings to check candidates’ skills and background information.


Step 2. Screening CVs

Timeline: 1~2 WEEKS 

1. Communication channels

Tech JDI will select and set up a preferred communication channel with clients such as Email, Skype, WhatsApp, or Viber.

2. Candidate Progress Tracking

Tech JDI will create google sheets or send candidate-summary-table via emails to clients as well as what we need from them.

At this stage, Tech JDI’s recruitment team will send CVs and prior information summary to clients, including:

    • Candidate notice period
    • Candidate skill set and experience
    • Candidate expectations about the new environment, salary, benefits,…

In case a candidate got rejected by the client, we will ask for their detailed feedback to improve the searching process. If the client is happy with the candidate CV then Tech JDI will move to the next step and set up an interview.


Step 3. Set-Up Test And Interview

Timeline: 1~2 WEEKS 

1. Technical Test

Depend on each particular position and Employer preference, the technical test can be arranged:

    • Online: Hackerearth, codility…
    • Offline: Submit a mini project on github…
    • Onsite: Work through paper test/assignment at Tech JDI office.
2. Technical Interview

Depend on each particular position and Employer preference, technical interview can be


    • Online: via skype or other platforms.
    • Onsite: meet hiring managers directly at the office.
3. Interview Topics
    • Go through candidates’ tests/assignments with hiring managers and technical teams.
    • Business domain and position briefing.
    • Past project and working experiences.
    • Cultural, motivational and behavioral fit.

To ensure the success of the interview, Tech JDI will handle the information exchange and test schedule. We also look for feedback from the client after the interview to improve the process in case the candidate did not meet their expectations.


Step 4. Clarify Information

Timeline: Less Than 1 WEEK

Offer negotiation shall be conducted by Tech JDI after passing all previous stages. Reference information may be requested from the client.

During this stage, Tech JDI is also in charge of collecting all necessary personal documents and keeping in contact with candidates until they successfully onboard:

    • Prepare offer letter and send to Employer to review
    • Collect acceptance from Employee
    • Provide working device, seat (if required)



If you would like to find out more about IT salaries and recruitment trends in Vietnam, please download our employer handbook digital version. It contains full details and important insights on how to hire offshore tech talent in Vietnam. 

Our report is based on the analysis of permanent, interim, and contract placements made across each of our clients and recruitment disciplines during 2020, and our predictions for the year ahead.

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