Vietnam IT Market for Offshore Development Developers

Vietnam IT Market Insight In 2021 For Offshore Development Developers

Wanting to hire offshore development developers in Vietnam? Here are things that you should consider. 

Hiring Season

The hiring season is March to April, after the Lunar new year and Employees have received the 13th-month bonus. This is the best time to hire and build an IT team – post-recruitment, which will be able to operate in April or May. Outside of Hiring Season, we can still find candidates but it is recommended to offer better packages to attract them.

Low Season is October to January, as Employees are all waiting for the 13th-month bonus and subsequent Tet bonus. Hiring at this time is extremely difficult, and we may have to offer a sign-on bonus to compensate candidates for foregoing their bonuses.

Junior Vs Senior

Junior-level candidates care about how to advance their career path. They want to join a team with a clear structure and professional environment that they can learn important skills.

Senior-level candidates care about employment benefits, welfare, tech stack, and stability. They understand their value and are looking for a “fair” working environment where the salary matches their experience.


When comparing 2 candidates with the same skillset, and years of experience, the candidate who can use English better always got offered a higher salary (around 20% more).


There are 3 markets for tech talents:

    1. Ho Chi Minh = 55.3% of tech talent population
    2. Ha Noi and = 34.7%
    3. Da Nang = 5.4%

Salaries in Ho Chi Minh and Ha Noi are higher, and salaries in Da Nang are lower. Developers in Ho Chi Minh are more flexible and adequate.


Other than employment benefits as prescribed by Labour Law, other employee benefits commonly adopted by tech companies are:

    1. Company/ Team Building Trip
    2. Work from Home xx days/month
    3. Onsite Training
    4. Providing Laptop
    5. Birthday Leave
    6. 13th Month Salary (Industry Norm)
    7. Yearly/Quarter/ Performance Bonus
    8. Team Fund for Happy Hour


If you would like to find out more about IT salaries and recruitment trends in Vietnam, please download our employer handbook digital version. It contains full details and important insights on how to hire offshore tech talent in Vietnam. 

Our report is based on the analysis of permanent, interim, and contract placements made across each of our clients and recruitment disciplines during 2020, and our predictions for the year ahead.

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