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Why Us?


We Understand Start-ups and Scaling

Tech JDI was spun-off from a Singapore-based technology-based start-up incubator. We initially started off with helping our own portfolio companies to venture overseas.

Integrated Service Offerings

We provide a full suite of venture support services including but not limited to: recruitment, incorporation, freelance resources, project outsourcing, and business financing.

Access The Market Swiftly

Companies spend quite some time to penetrate an overseas market because of its complex tax laws, local policies, and cultural difference. We help you to start your business in no time.


We provide full transparency, and documentation. You decide who to hire, how much to pay for monthly salaries and bonuses, and how you spend money on other activities.

Talent Management

We help you manage your team, and ensure attendance. We organize interactive activities throughout the year to facilitate communication among team members.

The Creativity Hub

We have a fun and knowledge sharing environment. Our modern offices are designed to give you a great working environment in which creativity shines, and productivity grows.

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