Scaling a company always need a team of great people – we help in local recruitment and management of people, for your overseas team.

Plus, we organize interactive events throughout the year to facilitate communication among team members, as well as encouraging a fun & knowledge sharing environment.

  • Recruitment
  • Employer-of-Record
  • Payroll Administration
  • Talent Relocation
  • HR Consulting
  • Talent Development

Our Process


Find the candidates

Our expert recruiters help you to connect with the right candidates, hire the best people, kick-start your business, and access the market in no time.

Build and manage the team

We have systems in place to keep track of employee annual and medical leave, attendance, payroll, tax fillings, and others. We help to manage your team, and ensure your companies follow local laws.

Take care of your people

We have fun activities to encourage a knowledge sharing environment. We keep your employees happy so that creativity and performance can increase.

Establish local presence

Employees work for you. You decide who to hire, how much to pay in monthly salaries and bonuses, and how much you spend for other activities.

Recruitment Process

Sourcing and Screening
Based on given requirement, Tech JDI consultants proceed to source suitable profile. Phone call screening or face-to-face meeting shall be conducted by Tech JDI to assess qualification of candidates.
Technical Test
Depend on each particular positions, test can be arranged:
– Online: Hackerearth, codility…
– Offline: Submit a mini project on github…
– Onsite: Work through some sort of test/assignment at office.
Technical Interview
Depend on each particular positions, technical interview can be arranged:
– Online: via skype or other platforms.
– Onsite: meet hiring managers directly at office.
Interview contents:
– Go through candidates’ test/assignments with hiring managers and technical team.
– Business domain and position briefing.
– Past project and working experiences.
– Cultural , motivational and behavioral fit.
Offer and Onboard
– Offer negotiation shall be conducted by Tech JDI after passing all previous stages. Reference information may be requested.
– During this stage, Tech JDI is in charge of collecting all necessary personal documents and keep in contact with candidates until they successfully onboard.

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