Our tech team can start developing your project, building documentation, and operating your system for a period of time. After that, we can help to onboard your internal team into the project to manage the system in-house eventually.

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Access To Top Tech Talent

We have an extensive network of skilled Vietnamese tech talent, allowing us to quickly allocate our dedicated experts on demand. This ensures our clients can rapidly expand their tech teams with our developers in response to changing business needs with ease.

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On-Demand Scalability

We can rapidly scale tech team and allocate developers, from 1 to 100 on demand to take on any software development challenge and drive your business forward. Ensuring your tech operation can be up or down-scaled seamlessly.

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Proven Track Of Record

Our proven track record of scaling over 50+ tech teams for clients, each with their own unique requirements, demonstrates our commitment to delivering exceptional results that empower your in-house tech capabilities to the next level.

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Build-operate and Transfer Tech Team

To help you jumpstart the development of your disruptive innovation, our tech team can work with you to start developing the prototype and MVP. When you are ready to hire and manage your own tech team, we can help to onboard your engineer into the development team and get familiarised with your system progressively.

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Transition Planning

Develop a transition plan that tailored to each company requirements to minimize any potential disruption.

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Team Preparation

Prepare all necessary documentation, notes and contracts for the transfer process to ensure a smooth transition.

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Knowledge Transfer

Ensure all knowledge, processes, assets and documentation related to the tech team are transferred to you.

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Post-Transfer Support

Ongoing support after the transfer to ensure that your tech team continues to operate smoothly under your ownership.

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Our Tech Talent Insight

Why Build Your Tech Team In Vietnam?

Vietnam has a rapidly growing tech industry, with a large pool of skilled and cost-effective tech talent. By building your tech team in Vietnam, you can tap into this talent pool and benefit from lower costs, high-quality work, and a strategic location in the heart of Southeast Asia.


Wide Tech Talent Pool


Highly skilled Developers


Cost Effective


Regional Tech Hub


Dynamic Startup Ecosystem


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